Welcome, and thank you for considering our Smokin’ with Chris catering services—everything from picking up your order at our restaurant to having our smoker brought out to your event! Below you’ll find some information to help get you started:

  • Catering Packages: We provide five options: PICK-UP; DELIVERY; DELIVERY & SET-UP; DELIVERY, SET-UP & SERVE; our PITMASTER special. See the details for those packages below.
  • Menu: Our full catering menu is online. Please click here to check it out. In general, we suggest ordering 2-3 proteins and 3-5 sides, including a vegetable option, but we’re happy to help you plan whatever menu is perfect for your event. Sample menus based on headcount are included below.
  • Portions: Most full trays are intended for 40 people (proteins are ~10lbs) and 1/2 trays for 20 people (proteins are ~5lbs). However, these are estimates only. Each party is a bit different. We’re happy to help you sort out quantities.
  • Booking Availability: We suggest placing your order at least 2 weeks ahead of your event for your best chance at booking. We may be able to squeeze your order in if it is placed in less time, but there is a chance that we may be booked up or that it will be too late.
  • Hours: Please feel free to email (catering@smokinwithchris.com) or leave a voicemail at any time (860-458-4508)! We do our best to get back to you as soon as possible (and in general within 24-48 hours), and we always keep an eye out for any messages that may be time sensitive. In the unlikely scenario that we haven’t responded within 72 hours, please feel free to follow-up. We appreciate your patience.
  • Policies: Please click here to check out our catering policies.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the information here, please reach out to our catering staff with any questions or to initiate our booking process, which includes a customized estimate followed by an invoice (at which point you’ll be able to make a deposit and reserve the date). Since our estimates and invoices are generally sent out via email, we recommend contacting our catering team at catering@smokinwithchris.com for the most streamlined service. However, if it is more convenient, feel free to instead leave a voicemail at 860-458-4508, and we will return your call as soon as we can! In either case, to best help us assist you, please provide us with as much of the following information as you’re able to (we understand that some details may still be in flux or that you may have questions before you’re ready to make decisions): your name and contact information, the date and timing, the highest possible headcount, which catering package you’re interested in, and any other details you think would be helpful for us to know (such as the type of event and any ideas you have concerning the menu).


PICK-UP: Pick-out your menu, and we’ll have it hot & ready for you at the restaurant at your pick-up time. (Pick-up orders can also be picked up cold a day or two ahead of your event and reheated using the instructions found here. If you’d like to pick-up your order cold, let the catering manager know.)

PRICING for PICK-UP: Customized menu + add-ons (such as chafing dishes) + sales tax

DELIVERY: We deliver your order to a location within a 30-mile radius $200 BASE PRICE* ($100 for Southington)

PRICING for DELIVERY: Customized menu + add-ons (such as chafing dishes) + base price + modification (if needed)* + sales tax 

DELIVERY & SET-UP: We deliver your order to a location within a 30-mile radius and set-up your buffet $300 BASE PRICE*

PRICING for DELIVERY & SET-UP: Customized menu + add-ons (such as chafing dishes) + base price + modification (if needed)* + sales tax


DELIVERY, SET-UP & SERVE: We deliver your order to a location within a 30-mile radius and set up, serve, and clean up your buffet. $650 BASE PRICE*

PRICING for DELIVERY, SET-UP & SERVE: Customized menu + add-ons (such as chafing dishes) + base price + modification (if needed)* + 18% service charge + sales tax

PITMASTER: Our grill masters bring our mobile smoker to your event (within a 30-mile radius), where we set up, serve, and clean up your buffet. This package includes chafing dishes, paper plates, and napkins & utensils as part of the base price. $1,500 BASE PRICE*

PRICING for PITMASTER: Customized menu + base price (chafing dishes, serving utensils, plates & napkins included) + modification (if needed)* + 18% service charge + sales tax


*MODIFICATION OF THE BASE PRICE: For events outside a 30-mile radius, catering packages can be modified by adding an add’l travel fee (if the distance can be accommodated). DELIVERY, SETUP & SERVE and PITMASTER packages can also be modified by adding add’l time and/or add’l staffing to account for increased headcount, timing, or menu size. The base price for these packages includes 2 buffet staff for 2 hours of service with a menu of approx. 6 food items or less and a headcount of approx. 80 or less. BASE PRICES do not include sales tax or, when appropriate, the 18% service charge.


Please see below for a sample menu. This menu includes your food and common add-ons only, so you may want to add a service package. *Prices subject to change.

<20 People *Our half trays are intended for approx. 20 people, so you may want to order quarts or pints for a smaller group. 
20 People
25 People
30 People
40 People
50 People
60 People
80 People
100 People
120 People
150 People
175 People
200 People
>200 People *Please request a custom quote. (No worries, we’ve catered events up to 2,000 people!)

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