Shawn Taylor

“Shawn Taylor has mellowness to his voice that works well against the frenetic flash of finger-picking that is the foundation of his songs… It is Americana stripped of its outer skin. The songs crackle with the guitar work… Shawn Taylor uses words as weapons on Home, showing that his pen beats the sword for cutting through the crap as it seeks the truth of contemporary life”
(The Alternate Root – Review of “Home”

‘”Shawn, in my mind, is the real deal.”
“well-crafted music, performed with grace”
(Jim Dublinski – WUVT, VA)

“Shawn dives directly into folk/blues with heart and soul, telling stories of real people with real hardships, all backed by a finger-picking style that can be crass, gentle, fast or simple, what ever the moment calls for, and led all the time confidently with his gruff and raspy blues voice. He’s found originality within his genre. A tough thing to do.” 
(Tom Bianchi – Boston Backstage Beat)

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