Keith Mazer Trio

The Keith and Mazer Trio plays an eclectic variety of acoustic tunes mixing blues, classic rock, jazz, pop & soul. The group features guitar, National Steel, djembe, and three-part harmony. Entering their tenth year playing together, the three create a seamlessly blended sound. Dan Barry of the Hartford Advocate calls the trio “the best bar band in the world.” Here’s what he has to say:

“The Keith and Mazer songbook is loaded with some of the most diverse and interesting covers I’ve ever heard. Typically, cover bands throw in one or two curveballs per night on top of all the usual crowd-pleasers. The Keith and Mazer trio’s set is all spice and no filler. They covered Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, The Doors, and Girl from Ipanema all in one set. David Keith’s djembe playing is warm but never flashy, Susan Mazer’s guitar handiwork is deft and reliable, and Megan Keith’s vice is a professionally honed instrument.”

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