Dianne Mower

Dianne is a professional singer and teacher who loves what she does.

Born and raised in Patterson, NJ, her mother was a classical singer. At the age of 17 she started her career singing Top 40s numbers then later, inspired by Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, moved into jazz. She has a variety of techniques of delivery of close harmonies and delightful improvisation. According to Doug Maine in a Hartford Courant Jazz Review, “Mower is full of show-biz sass (not unlike Judy Garland)”.

Her big brother, Les Mower, whose band she was allowed to follow holding their bags when she was in high school, heard her after a long time and was astonished at what he heard “. . . she could take that audience from melancholy to madness at her whim.”

The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, a CREC magnet school, is fortunate to have her as their music teacher and director of a young jazz choral group, “The Real Ambassadors” which has performed at the White House, the Library of Congress, at the Monterey, CA Jazz Festival and in concert with Dave Brubeck several times.

Her stylistic inspiration comes from greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Morgana
King, Irene Kral and Joe Williams. She’s comfortable with folk, country, R&B, pop and Broadway. She has an extremely flexible voice singing ballads to hot jazz. She has sung in Hawaii and New York City and with
The Hartford Jazz Society.

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